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office ventilation system that has been cleaned by the enviropure team

Dust and other pollutants naturally accumulate in our homes and offices over time. The only difference is that, unlike the rest of your house, you can’t clean your air ducts with a vacuum or duster. Over time, dust, filth, allergens, and mould can build up inside your HVAC system. Hair and dander are also likely to accumulate within your vents if you have pets. These toxins will circulate in your household air as your HVAC system discharges air into your home. Your system will also be less efficient as a result of the pollutants. They clog the filters in your system and can block the vents.

You care about keeping your Ottawa property clean and healthy, but your HVAC duct system may be overlooked. The air ducts in your HVAC system gather impurities over time and circulate them throughout your home. It’s critical to clean these ducts on a regular basis to enhance the air quality in your home and make your HVAC system work more efficiently.

Enviropure Home Ottawa has established a solid reputation for quality work and outstanding results. Our duct cleaning specialists are here to meet your needs in a prompt, professional manner with our personalised Ottawa duct cleaning service.

an enviropure home cleaning specialist removes mold from a wall
Basic cleaning of air ducts can be done at home, however, professional air duct cleaning is recommended to ensure the highest quality of air for your home. Not only can clean air ducts promote healthy living for you and your family, but they also create a more energy-efficient space. Professional duct cleaning can ensure that allergens and bacteria are carefully removed so your family can breathe well and enjoy the space that they live in.

  • Clean the exterior of your furnace and AC units.*
  • Clean your dryer vents to maximize their efficiency and reduce fire hazards
  • Clean your ducts and remove all allergens and bacteria

The experts at Enviropure can ensure your air ducts are properly handled and can manage a variety of tasks to help improve your indoor air quality.

*We do not inspect, perform maintenance on, or repair these systems. Only a certified HVAC professional can do this.

A dirty duct in need of cleaning by enviropure home cleaning

If you have recently moved or had your home remodelled having the ducts cleaned in your space is a must. The air quality in your home could have been affected by any renovations or the former residents in your home. At Enviropure we offer duct cleaning in the entire Ottawa area including; Barrhaven, Kanata, Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, Greely, Stittsville and Nepean. Some other benefits to cleaning your air ducts include:

  • Improved air quality
  • Removal of bacteria & allergens
  • Reduced utility bills
  • Increased lifespan of your heater

Contact us today to get a free quote, and get started on improving the air you and your family breathe.

dryer vent outside of a home

One aspect of our duct cleaning services includes dryer cleaning. Dryer vents that have been left to collect debris and lint are one of the number one causes of house fires in Ottawa. If there is not enough space for the hot air to properly escape the vents, this can cause your dryer to overheat. If you’ve noticed any of the following, it may mean that it’s time for your dryer vent to be cleaned:

  • Clothes are not dry after the usual drying cycle
  • More time/more cycles are needed to run the dryer
  • Clothing is very hot when you take it out of the dryer

We recommend you have your dryer vent cleaned once a year to ensure your dryer is working efficiently and safely. Connect with our team to book services for duct cleaning.